Why Getting Logos Made from Professionals Is Better Than Making Them Yourself

Getting Logos Made from Professionals

Newly-formed businesses often find themselves juggling the decision of what kind of logo they want and whether or not they should hire professionals to do make their new logo.


Most people are under the impression that creating logos is a simple task – one that they can easily do themselves. Sure, there are many free online logo generators and logo making software but none of these will give you the results a professional illustrator will be able to give you.


There are many reasons as to why professionally made logos are way better than the ones you can make yourself, one of these reasons is that almost all illustrators have studied and received a degree in their respective field. All those years spent studying and earning their degree have surely not been a waste of time, during this period they have learned elements of design and techniques that you might not be able to use.

Illustrators also have thorough knowledge about what aspects of a particular design are most effective and catch the most attention when it comes to a target audience. They know how to manipulate and alter designs in order to cater to different clients.


Popular to contrary belief, making a logo takes a lot of time and effort; illustrators will often spend around 20 to 30 hours creating a single logo and it’s highly unlikely that you would be able to spend so much time making a logo yourself. Many people would like to argue that logos can be made in under 10 minutes if they keep it simple, however, this is a misconception because any logo that is created in such a short amount of time will be missing out on a lot of key aspects and thus, will not be a very good logo.


Lastly, illustrators use expensive software to design and create your logo. There is a reason why such software is expensive to begin with, and that is because as opposed to free online logo making software, these offer the proper tools needed to create good and effective logos. Even if you decide to buy such software and take a shot at designing your own logo, you won’t be able to understand or use the software to its full potential. Therefore, if you want a good logo it is wise to hire a professional to make it for you.